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Olive oil has been prominent in all the greatest civilizations that have prospered in Tunisia. Our ancestors understood very well the importance of the soil and the climate for growing high quality olive and producing the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil. One third Of the country is covered with olive groves, and olive ...
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RB Diagnostic

Dr. J.P. Agarwal ( A Pioneer with over 4.5 decades of medicine practice) and Mr. Kamal Goenka (One of the city’s renowned business man for over 3 decades) founded R.B Diagnostic on the 27th February 2011. After 11 years and 13 branches, RB Diagnostic the fastest growing diagnostic chain of East India, is headed by ...
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Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd. is at the top of Generic Medicine stores, PAN INDIA with ISO 9001:2015. We have a plan to provide generic medicines to 10 cror people by 2030. We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. We have one of the best franchise networks in India under ...
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Dr Paul’s Hair and Skin Clinic

DPMSC is a renowned brand name in the health and wellness sector in India and also the #1 name in Hair & Skin and aesthetic wellness across Eastern India. It’s journey started in the heart of Kolkata in 2007, with a sole objective to make people look beautiful. Within a short span, DPMSC has launched ...
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Bring cardamom to the world, a range of value-added products in which cardamom bio-actives have been standardized, to give consistent amounts in each of these products. 1-8 Cineol and alpha-terpineol are bio actives whose concentrations are standardized in our essential oils from Cardamom and Rosemary are the prime ingredients in all our products. To be ...
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Ayurveda, today, as a way of life is being embraced across the World. Ayusri has dedicated over 20 years to building a 350 herb-enriched, eco-friendly products, ranging from herbal personal care products to Ayurvedic therapeutic preparations, each one strictly adhering to international quality and packaging standards. Located in West Bengal, India, Ayusri aims at making ...