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Handi Chaddeyan Di



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    14-30 Lacs
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    Pan India

About This Listing

At Handi Chhadeyan Di, we have not just preserved the legacy of traditional Indian cuisine; we have elevated it. Our story is one of culinary innovation, where the Dum Handi Dal Makhni, a dish now synonymous with the subcontinent’s rich flavors, was conceived. Our menu, an anthology of over 20 handi-crafted dishes, is an ode to the earthen pot’s magic in Indian cooking. Each dish at Handi Chhadeyan Di is an homage to the timeless traditions of Indian gastronomy, reimagined to enchant the modern gourmand. Our signature Gold Plated Lassi, Gulab Jamun, and Halwa are more than just desserts; they are gilded experiences, inviting our guests to indulge in a luxury that tantalizes the palate and captures the imagination. From our founding, we have been driven by a passion for creating extraordinary culinary experiences. As innovators and custodians of our culinary heritage, we extend an invitation to taste the legacy of Handi Chhadeyan Di—a legacy plated in gold.